Are you prepared for Xmas?

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With the holiday period coming up, you might be excited about seeing family and friends, you also might be not as excited to have to certain family 🤣, but that is the joy of the holiday period. 

Blades When You Need Them

With all the travelling, xmas parties, events and just general stuff going on you don't want to need to have a shave and find your blade is past its prime. 

At Straigthface, you can log into your account and update or change any setting. 

Want blades sooner, easy, just change your next order date.

Want them sent to a different address, just edit your address (you will need to change it back again though).

Going to go a little hairier over the summer, then push out your next order. 

Everything is at your finger tips. 

Moment of Gratitude

Humans are confirmation machines. We see the world how we want to see it and we ignore evidence that doesn't align with our world view.

I recently had someone describe me in a way that I felt very confronting. 

They were not wrong, but they also weren't correct. There are two challenges happening. Does the other person live in a world where they could be wrong and update their view (in this situation it appears that is a no).

My challenge is how do I take this uncomfortable conversation and learn from it. If someone sees me differently than how i feel, what can I learn from it, how do I change and grow through this discomfort. 

To them, what they feel is right and so I have acknowledge their feelings. Then I get a chance to work and grow through my interactions causing a certain response. 

Shave Well, Be Awesome, how can you grow today?


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