Anzac day

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My Grandfather was in the military. I don't remember seeing him not clean-shaven. Every morning was the same routine. Get up, shower, shave, prepare yourself for the day. He always looked sharp. Ironed everything. He would wear one level higher than he needed to. He was one of those men that would be suited and booted for an everyday activity and I sometimes find it hard to find a clean t-shirt. 

I wouldn't have described him as fun, Grandma was the fun one, with Granddad you always had to watch what you were doing because you didn't want to make him cross. 

He was never a fan of elbows on the table, something, still to this day I don't understand why that is an issue. When we had food at their place it was something I often thought about. I would say to myself - keep your elbows off the table Luke - and then I would start eating and forget about it. 

He only once talked to me about his experience in world war two. He said you stopped being friends with people because it was too hard to see your friends die. I was just a little kid but that sentence stayed with me. 

It must have been a huge weight to carry his whole life. What we know now is PSTD was called shell shock. We didn't have support for the men and women that went away to war and saw things so horrific that they came back a changed. 

It's Marcus Aurelius's Birthday

You may have noticed I am a huge fan of Aurelius. He was a very wise man. It's like this man has a quote for every occasion.

Whenever a person’s lack of shame offends you, you should immediately ask yourself, “So is it possible for there to be no shameless people in the world?” It isn’t, and you should therefore stop demanding the impossible. He’s just one of those shameless people who must necessarily exist in the world. You should keep the same thought readily available for when you’re faced with devious and untrustworthy people, and people who are flawed in any way. As soon as you remind yourself that it’s impossible for such people not to exist, you’ll be kinder to each and every one of them. It’s also helpful immediately to consider what virtue nature has granted us human beings to deal with any given offense — gentleness, for instance, to counter discourteous people.

I take from this that we have the strength in ourselves to be kind. We don't know what others are going through. We don't know is going on in their head or their heart. We do, however, know what is going on in ours and so we have the chance to rise up and be kind to the person. 

I think what if it was my Granddad having a bad day, shouldn't we cut him a little slack for what he has gone through. Kindness is a beautiful thing to spread around. 

Moment of Gratitude

My cousin was a super promising basketball player, probably the best in his age group in the country if I do say so. Unfortunately, he got some hip issues and has had multiple surgeries on both.

For someone that speed was a huge part of his game, these surgeries really lowered his athletic ceiling. He hasn't played in years but his recent surgery made him feel better so he worked hard and made it back on the court in the NZ NBL. He even did this during the game. 



It was great seeing him back out on the court. We have, as human's, an amazing ability to adapt, change, and grow. Never stop trying. 

Shave well, Be awesome, be kind to yourself and to others.



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